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  • Vince Gill
    ``John Stephan is a vocalist of extraordinary ability. He has the powerful voice and compelling stage presence of a superstar! He has the potential for a brilliant career. In his songs he truly captures the emotions and power of music at it's very best.`` Vince Gill (19 Grammy Awards, 18 CMA Awards, Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee)
  • Jorgen Elofsson
    ``John's unbelievable vocal ability is what I believe to be the finest that I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. He is a unique talent that is extremely rare, and should be cherished...`` Jorgen Elofsson (Songwriter - Over 100 million sales worldwide)
  • John Williamson
    ``I think you'll agree that he has one of the most beautiful voices you've ever heard`` John Williamson (Australian legend, Multi Platinum Singer/Songwriter)

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